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Website design with special nav for different viewers of the website.
Illustration for the section that highlights the community that is in the pizza oven business.
Illustration for the section of the educational side of the pizza business.
Illustration for marketing the pizza ovens.


Not just pizza. Firewithin is an entire network of support for your own pizza oven business. Their original brand wasn't reaching their customers the way that they wanted it to. It was too corporate and didn't convey how exciting the pizza oven business can be. They needed their brand to connect more with their customers and create a culture of learning and support. 

I proposed three sub-brand logos within the overall brand of Firewithin to organize the distinct facets of the business. Pizza Ovens, Wood Fired University and the Social Aspect of the business. Rustic style llustrations were developed for each of the three and warm colors were added to the palette. 


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